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5 Visual Branding Tips for Better Business

Developing a strong visual brand identity is one of the most vital things your business can do. By honing an appealing and distinctive look, you can provide an immediately recognisable symbol and, more importantly, a relatable personality for your customers to identify with. You can’t underestimate the power of this. Pull off a successful visual branding and you can attract new business and inspire customer loyalty for years to come. Read our 5 visual branding tips and you’ll have an idea of just how energised your business can become.

5 Visual Branding Tips

1. Know Yourself

Whether you’ve been in business for decades and are looking for a new lease of life, or you’re a start-up looking to make some waves, you need to examine yourself carefully and figure out exactly who you are. It’s simple really. By figuring out the personality of your business, the services it provides and how it provides them, you are setting down the basic rules your visual branding strategy will follow. Because at its heart, that’s what visual branding is – a description of who you are.

2. Know Your Customer

Now that you know yourself, it’s time to get to know your customer. You probably already have a good idea of who they are. You’ve been selling them your service for a long. Take a few minutes to think a little more about it though. Write down the top 3 qualities they have in common and then figure out what exactly it is about your business that they love. Age range, the hobbies they like and the other services they use, it can all provide critical direction for your visual branding guidelines.

3. Visual Branding is More Than A Logo

When you begin to develop your visual brand, you might just think that it involves slapping a logo on your letterhead and calling it a day. There’s a great deal more to it than that though. Your brand entails everything from how your staff interact with your customers to the kind of uniforms they wear. As you sit down to decide on the direction of your logo, remember that it will act as a guide to many other aspects of your business for years to come.

4. What Colour Does.

Don’t just choose your favourite colour. Take a look at what your competition is doing and pick something that stands out from the crowd. That doesn’t mean you have to go bright yellow, of course, but chances are a lot of companies in your sector end up choosing the same colour. It can be easy to find one that makes you distinct if you just take the time to do a little research.

5. Work with the Experts

You might consider yourself a bit of an artist. After you drew up a basic logo design on a napkin, you had your nephew put together a colour version in Photoshop and now you want to work with a visual branding team to get it put on a series of leaflets. That’s a great start, and if you really have put together something nice, any marketing team will be ready to plough ahead with it. Don’t worry if they suggest a couple of alternatives though. Any designer will tell you that it takes multiple tries to develop that polished look, and going through all the iterations is just a part of the fun. Start working with our expert print solutions team today and you’ll see exactly what we mean.