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3 Benefits Of Effective Packaging Design

The world of packaging design is more interesting than ever.

Whereas before your design was restricted to a set number of basic templates, now you can let creativity lead the way and produce something that truly suits the spirit of your product. When it comes to what’s possible we really do mean it when we say, ‘The only limit is your imagination.’

But what are the actual benefits of working with a design company to create something unique for you?

We’ve seen some truly beautiful work over the years. You only have to look at our portfolio of work to get an idea what is possible. We know exactly how to make your product stand out, so read on to discover some helpful tips for package design.

Top 3 Tips On Effective Packaging Design

1. Keep it Simple

You have a lot to say about your product. It can be very tempting to put it all right there on the front of the box. However, when you’re looking for some basic design rules to follow, you should remember that simplicity is key.

The two main things your package has to do is get your product noticed and then immediately communicate what exactly is inside it.

Most shoppers aren’t going to stand around a supermarket all day reading about the history of your company. In fact, if their eye isn’t drawn by an easy to discern design then they might not look at it at all.

Simplicity doesn’t mean there isn’t anything on your package of course.

It means you should work with a talented team to design a product that is both minimal and eye catching.

2. Select Your Materials Wisely

Packaging printing is only one part of the job.

You also need to select the material you’re going to use and how you want it presented.

The shape of the product matters. It needs to be easy to stock and difficult to damage. But you should also think about the experience once your product is in a customer’s hand.

What it feels like, whether it’s rough or slick, shiny or dull, it can all communicate the quality of your product and whether it’s something they’ll actually buy.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

There are countless products on supermarket shelves and you won’t necessarily get an entire shelf to show off yours.

Whether you’re looking for a food packaging design or something for the hardware section, you need to something that is bold and that communicates the spirit of what your product is.

This is something our designers call, ‘Shelf Impact.’

Sometimes it can seem a little difficult to strike the right chord, but that’s exactly why it’s important to find a design company that is truly passionate about their work.

When you’re ready to create an effective and original package design, you can talk to us and we’ll get started today.